Topic: Sending money

How can I get updates on the Exchange Rate?

You can check the exchange rate in real time through the website at or through our free mobile app. Please note that the exchange rate usually changes every 12pm and 8pm UK Time.

Where can my beneficiary collect the money?

You can send the remittance for cash collection in the Philippines. Your beneficiary can collect the funds in over 10,000 locations nationwide through Metrobank Cash Pick-up Anywhere.

What does the beneficiary needs in order to collect the money?

Please note that the beneficiary’s name stated on your transfer has to exactly match the name presented on the beneficiary’s Proof of ID. This includes any middle names.

How can my beneficiary receive the money?

You have three options. You can credit the money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account (any bank in the Philippines), deliver the money to your beneficiary’s doorsteps, or have your beneficiary collect the money from our various cash pick-up outlets/partners.

Can I pay by credit card?

No. We currently accept debit card payments only. Please note that we only accept personal debit cards. We do not accept business debit cards or prepaid debit cards.

Can I pay by debit card?

Yes. We accept debit card payments or online bank transfer. Please note that we don’t accept credit card payments.

Does Kabayan Remit offer Door-to-Door delivery?

Yes. We offer door-to-door remittance delivery within Metro Manila and nearby Provinces only.

How do I pay with Kabayan Remit?

All details that you need for this mode of payment are sent to your registered email address once you have successfully created a transaction.

How to send money with Kabayan Remit?

Kabayan Remit offers an easy and convenient way of sending money to the Philippines. You can visit our website at or download the FREE Kabayan Remit mobile app (available in IOS and Android) and register.