How can I pay bills with Kabayan Remit?

You can also pay for your Philippine contributions and bills online through our website or mobile app.

Manage your Philippine payments and track the status of each transaction all in one platform. Get started by registering with us free of charge.

Understanding bills payment

Kabayan Remit is partnered with a wide list of merchants, which makes it easier and more convenient for our customers to pay for their bills back home.

We understand the importance for some Filipinos to manage and pay for their Philippine bills on time. If you are based in one of the countries we operate in, you can send your payment for these contributions through our website or mobile app to avoid missing any deadlines.

With Kabayan Remit, you can pay for Philippine contributions, real estate properties, as well as vehicle and insurance payments in the Philippines.

Click here for the complete list of merchants we accept bills payments for.

How you can pay for your bills

  1. Register with Kabayan Remit through the website or mobile app (iOS or Android).
  2. Verify your account to start using our services.
  3. Once your account is verified, log in and add a new beneficiary by clicking Beneficiaries on the homepage, then Add beneficiary.
  4. If you wish to pay bills, select Corporate as the beneficiary type.
  5. Enter the business’ information, contact details and bank details.
  6. Once added, go back to the homepage and click Send.
  7. Under How do you want to send?, select Bills payment. 
  8. Under Select Biller, choose the merchant you wish to pay.
  9. Enter the Account Number, Property/Condo Name and Unit/Lot Name.
  10. Under Payment Type, select whether the payment is a deposit or monthly payment.
  11. Then, choose how you would like to pay.
  12. Enter the amount of your payment and carry on to Select beneficiary. 
  13. Select the beneficiary you’ve added as well as the reason for your transfer. Then review the transaction.
  14. If all the information is correct, make the payment for the transaction.

It usually takes about 1 working day for the funds to be credited to the merchant’s account.