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How can I join the Christmas Remit & Win raffle?

Send money to the Philippines or review the Kabayan Remit mobile app from 25 October to 31 December 2021 for a chance to win exciting prizes!

Which bills can I pay for?

Here is a complete list of merchants we accept payments for.

How do I close my Kabayan Remit account?

If you would like to close your Kabayan Remit account, you can email us at [email protected], and we'll sort this out for you. 

How we store your data

As a regulated Money Service Business (MSB) registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), we are required by law to collect and store some of your personal data. 

How can I check if my transaction has been cancelled?

You can check the status of your transactions online when you log in to your account through the website or mobile app.

How can I retrieve a transaction that was already credited to the beneficiary’s bank account?

We can help you retrieve your funds even if has already been credited to your beneficiary's bank account.

How long does a refund take?

The time it takes for the refund to be credited back to your account depends on the mode of payment you've used.

How do I cancel a transfer I have made?

If you wish to cancel a transaction, please contact us immediately. If the transaction has not been paid out yet, we can easily refund the amount back to your originating account.

Can I recall a paid transaction?

Yes, we can recall the transaction as long as the beneficiary has not received the remittance yet.

How do I verify my account?

Customer verification is very easy, straightforward and it only takes less than a minute. To verify your account, please provide the following: