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Win a return flight ticket to the Philippines or C$500 cash – T&Cs – Canada only.

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How much does it cost to use Kabayan Remit?

We always strive to provide high exchange rates and competitive service fees. Open your account today and send your first remittance fee-free!

How much money can I send?

The amount of money you can send may vary depending on the country you're sending from.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we do! There are many different perks to our mobile app. For example, you can check the exchange rates in real-time, track your payment status, and most importantly, send money anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

Is Kabayan Remit safe and secure?

We take security very seriously at Kabayan Remit. Delivering your money safely to your loved ones is our top priority, so you can have peace of mind when sending your hard-earned money back home.

What bills can I pay for in the Philippines?

Here is a complete list of merchants we accept payments for.

How can my beneficiary receive the money?

You have three options. You can credit the money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account (any bank in the Philippines), deliver the money to your beneficiary’s doorsteps, or have your beneficiary collect the money from our various cash pick-up outlets/partners.

How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive payment?

This can vary on a number of factors, but we often see transactions below ₱50,000 received within 1 hour and above ₱50,000 received within 25 hours.

How can I get updates on the exchange rate?

You can check the exchange rate in real time through the website at or through our free mobile app. Please note that the exchange rate usually changes every 12pm and 8pm UK Time.