Barclays Transaction Limit with Instant Bank Transfer

If you’re creating an Instant Bank Transfer payment using your Barclays account, you may experience an issue if your transaction is over £2,000 and this is the first time you have sent money to the Philippines with us.

For security purposes, Barclays put a daily limit on customers’ accounts for transactions to new payees. To overcome this, you must add Kabayan Remit as a payee on your Barclays account before you create the transaction.

Our account details can be found below:

Bank Name: The Bank of London

Account Name: Kabayan Capital Ltd

Account Number: 10135222

Sort code: 04-30-30

Once you have added us as a payee to your Barclays account, you will be able to send up to £5,000 for Credit to account transactions made via Instant Bank Transfer for just £4.59.