How do I send large amounts with Kabayan Remit?

Sending large amounts through Kabayan Remit

We understand that sometimes you may need to send a large amount of funds to the Philippines. Here is what you need to know before you proceed.

Understanding the limits and sending additional documents.

There are some limits when sending larger amounts to the Philippines. You can send up to £5,000 to any Philippine bank account and pay by debit card or online bank transfer.

If you wish to pay by online bank transfer, you may send your payment to our UK bank account as follows:

Account Name: Kabayan Remit
Account Number: 14089373
Sort Code: 23-05-80

Please enter your name as a payment reference.

Alternatively, you may send up to Php 100,000 on a single transaction to any cash collection outlet in the Philippines.

We may request additional documents for remittances accumulating over £3,500 within 31 days. Please note that the total amount you can send within 31 days is £10,000.

For further advice on what documents to prepare and to avoid possible delays when sending a large amount, our 24/7 customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Send now or choose to watch the rate.

When sending large amounts every peso received on the other side counts. If your transfer is urgent, you can check our live rates in the calculator tool to send now. Or you can choose to monitor the exchange rate over a course of a few days and make your transfer when it’s right for you.

Use Kabayan Remit for legal purposes only.

We follow a sophisticated Know Your Customer check and compliance guidelines in line with FCA and HMRC rules. You must not use Kabayan Remit to process a transfer that may be illegal. We have the right to modify or suspend your use of our service immediately if unlawful use is identified.

Avoid being scammed.

There are different online scams nowadays. Scammers are professional, compelling, and can be very convincing. To avoid being scammed, send money only to your family and friends you know personally. Additionally, please be advised that with Kabayan Remit, you can only send money for yourself. You cannot process a transfer on behalf of others.