How do I top up a GCash or Paymaya account?

If you have family and friends in the Philippines who use GCash or Paymaya, you can top up their account from the UK and Canada (and soon in Europe and the USA) with Kabayan Remit. This is a great alternative to credit to account and cash pickup transfers.

First, you need to sign up with Kabayan Remit either on the website or mobile app (iOS or Android). 

Once you’ve created an account with Kabayan Remit, here’s how you can top up a GCash or Paymaya e-wallet:

  1. Log in to your account and create a new beneficiary by clicking on Beneficiaries then Add beneficiary.
  2. Select whether you’re topping up a personal e-wallet account (Individual) or corporate account (Corporate), then click Next
  3. Input the beneficiary’s information associated with the GCash or Paymaya account. You don’t need to enter any bank information to top up an e-wallet, so you can skip this step by clicking Finish
  4. Once the beneficiary is added, go back to the homepage, then click Send Money.
  5. Under How do you want to send? dropdown, select Mobile e-wallet top-up.
  6. Under Mobile provider, select either Globe GCash or Smart Paymaya.
  7. Enter the registered mobile number of the e-wallet account.
  8. Choose how you would like to pay for the transaction, then enter the amount you’re sending.
  9. Select the GCash or Paymaya beneficiary you’ve created and the reason for your transfer.
  10. Review the transaction details, then proceed with the payment.