Terms & Conditions – Free Service Fee Raffle

  1. To be qualified for the raffle draw, the participant must be a registered and fully verified member of Kabayan Remit.
  2. Six lucky winners will be awarded the following prizes:
    • 1 winner of fee-free remittance for one year (1 free remittance per month for 12 months)
    • 2 winners of fee-free remittance for six months (1 free remittance per month for 6 months)
    • 3 winners of fee-free remittance for three months (1 free remittance per month for 3 months)
  3. The raffle draw will be held live on 8 August 2021 during the James Cup Basketball tournament, and the winners will be published on Kabayan Remit’s official Facebook page.
  4. In case the winner is not present during the live raffle draw, the Kabayan Remit team will contact the winners via e-mail or SMS with instructions on how to claim their free remittance.
  5. Only one (1) free remittance can be claimed per month, and the transaction must be paid by online bank transfer.
  6. Any unclaimed fee-free remittance in each month cannot be carried over to the following months. Unclaimed fee-free transfers are automatically forfeited.
  7. The prize is non-transferable and is not convertible to cash.