German flag on pole.

5 Fun Facts About Germany

Visiting Germany? Filipinos who visit or move to Germany for the first time might feel culture shocked as the country and its culture are quite different. Every country is unique in its own way and there’s definitely more to Germany than some people think! Here are 5 fun facts about Germany.

Abby Granada By Abby Granada 12 May 2020 0 Comments
Hand holding up a Philippine passport in a desert.

Visa-free Destinations for Philippine Passport Holders

Do you love traveling but don’t enjoy applying for a visa? For some Filipinos, visa application can be quite daunting and the process may be laborious. Filling up an application form takes time, the payment can be costly, and waiting for the approval is always nerve-racking. Thus, it's a lot easier to travel to visa-free countries if you're traveling internationally for the first time.

Abby Granada By Abby Granada 3 February 2020 0 Comments
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