Moving to Gibraltar

Moving to Gibraltar: A guide for Filipinos

Apart from the UK, have you ever considered moving to any of the British Overseas Territories? Gibraltar is an exciting territory you can consider moving into! Despite its small size, Gibraltar offers a wealth of opportunities due to its growing economy.

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about the UK

Moving to the UK: A guide for Filipinos

Dreaming of moving to the beautiful land of Great Britain? Many tourists and migrants aspire to relocate to this sovereign country because of its prosperous economy, rich history, diverse culture and awe-inspiring scenery. Comprised of 4 different countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), the UK offers a wealth of opportunities to everyone.

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about netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands: A guide for Filipinos

Relocating to a new country can bring different feelings and emotions out of us. It can be quite scary and exciting at the same time. If you're in the Philippines and you're considering moving to Europe, why not look into the Netherlands? The country is known for its unique and dynamic culture, as well as great living standards.

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moving to Germany

Moving to Germany: A guide for Filipinos

Looking for a great country to work as a migrant? According to the 2019 Working Abroad Index, Germany is the 4th best country to work for in terms of economy, job prospects, security & satisfaction, as well as work & leisure.

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Moving to Ireland Flags

Moving to Ireland: A guide for Filipinos

Europe is truly a dream destination for many Filipinos aspiring to relocate abroad. For those who prefer to move to an English-speaking country, Ireland is a country you might want to consider. Known for the presence of tech giants, Ireland offers plenty of opportunities and a growing population of migrants.

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German flag on pole.

5 fun facts about Germany

Visiting Germany? Filipinos who visit or move to Germany for the first time might feel culture shocked as the country and its culture are quite different. Every country is unique in its own way and there’s definitely more to Germany than some people think! Here are 5 fun facts about Germany.

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