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Kabayan Remit rebranding: New logo and new website

We started Kabayan Remit’s operations in the UK in 2014. The company was founded upon our vision of making money remittance faster, easier and more convenient for Filipinos who work hard overseas for their family. As sending money back then was inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming, our founders decided to develop an easy-to-use website and mobile app. A platform that made remittance easier, cheaper and quicker for Filipinos.

Since then, our company has grown massively. Which initially started out as a money transfer platform for Filipinos in the UK, expanded overseas to cater to Filipinos based in Canada. In 2017, we began trading in Canada as Asenso Remit. In just a few years, Asenso Remit’s customer base grew significantly amongst the Filipino communities across Canada.

Our success is attributed to the relentless support of our customers. Kabayan Remit is becoming the go-to remittance platform of Filipinos in the UK and Canada. Last year, we processed over 300,000 transactions, totalling about US $150,000,000.

As Kabayan Remit continues to grow, we will continue to prioritise customer satisfaction. Our team believe that this can only be achieved by continuing to meet customer requirements and demands.

To provide an even better customer experience, we will launch an all-new revamped website over the next few weeks. The new website will be even more user-friendly to provide a more seamless experience.

Along with this, we will now be using a refreshed brand new logo to signify our achievements.

kabayan remit logo 2020 long

Why Rebrand?

The rebranding marks an important milestone for us at Kabayan Remit. We will soon launch the platform in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Ireland and Gibraltar. This big step will allow us to cater to more Filipinos who wish to send money back home.

Rest assured that the rebranding will not affect the money remittance process. Please bear in mind that despite any expansion, we will remain to be the same Kabayan you’ve always counted on. We will always work hard to make money remittance easier for Filipinos overseas and will only focus on the one corridor – the Philippines.


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