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Globe GCash Smart Paymaya top up now available on Kabayan Remit

Top up Globe GCash and Smart PayMaya with Kabayan Remit

Do you have family and friends in the Philippines who use Globe GCash and Smart PayMaya? Even if you’re in the UK, you can now top up their accounts through Kabayan Remit!

For those who aren’t familiar with the two, GCash and PayMaya are e-wallets powered by Globe and Smart respectively. They are online payment solutions that Filipinos can now use to do cashless payments in partner stores. Both payment options have growing popularity across the Philippines. They are convenient, easy to use, and can track all payments on one platform.

Your friends and family can easily create a Globe GCash or Smart PayMaya account by simply downloading the respective mobile app on App Store or Google Play. They can then register with their mobile number (Globe or TM for GCash, and Smart or Talk ‘n Text for PayMaya). Once signed up, they can load it up and use it in partner stores.

There are different ways to add money to GCash and PayMaya. If you’re in the UK, you can now top up your loved ones’ accounts for a more seamless experience. You can now do this through Kabayan Remit’s website or mobile app.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

Step by step guide to top up GCash and Paymaya

Step 1: Register with Kabayan Remit

  1. Create an account with Kabayan Remit on the website or download the mobile app for iOS or Android
  2. On the registration page, fill out the required fields with your personal information. 
  3. Once done, check your email and click on the link to set a new password.
  4. Log in back to your account and verify your profile by clicking on “Finish account setup”. 

Step 2: Add a new beneficiary

  1. Create a new beneficiary associated with the GCash or Paymaya account by logging in to your account, then choose “Beneficiaries”.
  2. Tap “Add beneficiary”.
  3. If you’re topping up a personal account, select “Individual”, then click “Next”. 
  4. Enter the beneficiary’s information, including their personal and contact details. Skip the fields about bank information by clicking “Finish”.

Step 3: Top up Globe GCash, Smart Paymaya account

  1. On your Kabayan Remit account, click “Send Money”.
  2. Under How do you want to send?, choose “Mobile e-wallet top-up”.
  3. Under Mobile Provider, select between “Globe GCash” or “Smart Paymaya”.
  4. Then, enter the mobile number associated with the e-wallet provider.
  5. Then, choose your preferred payment method under How do you want to pay?
  6. Enter the amount you wish to top up on your loved one’s account, then proceed to “Select Beneficiary”. 
  7. Choose the beneficiary you’ve created for either the Globe GCash or Smart Paymaya account, as well as the reason for your transfer.
  8. Review the details, then pay for the transaction. 

Once completed, your beneficiary will receive the top-up in less than an hour!

Sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines is now easier than ever! Kabayan Remit offers a fast and convenient mobile app with high exchange rates and quick payout to beneficiaries.


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