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Home schooling during lockdown

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown, schools have been shut and students have been asked to stay at home. Despite this, students are encouraged to continue studying and learning at home. As parents, it is then your duty to support your kids’ learning. Since not all parents are familiar with home schooling, here are some tips to consider to help boost your kids’ productivity.

Tips to Consider When Home Schooling:

1. Set Up a Study Area

Mum leaning over her daughter's shoulder to look at her work on the table.

Setting up an area to study will allow your kids to separate playtime and study time. Make sure there are no toys or any clutter around to help your child stay focused. Keep only the necessary learning materials, such as pen, paper, markers and computer.

2. Create a Study Plan

Two hands creating a study plan on a table full of stationery.

At home, you are now your kids’ designated teacher. To help them succeed, create a study plan to organise their agenda and deadlines. This will also teach your kids to manage their time more effectively, track their progress and help them stay on top of their activities.

3. Encourage Older Kids to Do Online Courses

A lady's hands typing on a laptop with screen showing e-learning

For parents who have older children, it is a good idea to enrol them in online courses. Some online courses may require fees, but you would also be able to find some for free. Alternatively, you can help them find online learning materials and resources that they can read through.

4. Give Them Proper Breaks

A little boy playing with a dog and holding up a colorful soccer ball as two ladies happily watch.

Kids are used to getting break time at school, so they should also get the same free time at home. Allow them to have some time to play and be active. This is also a good way to refresh their mind to help them learn more information afterwards.

5. Prepare Healthy Food and Snacks

Girl eating healthy food and proudly holding a glass of milk

Having your kids at home means you can also monitor what they eat. To help improve their mental and emotional being, give them healthy meals and snacks. Healthy food can also help boost their immune system and sharpen their mind. These are all important not only to help fight the coronavirus, but to also improve their learning.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

For more information on the coronavirus, follow the latest updates by the Government.

To find out more about safety precautions, visit the NHS website.

For enquiries on online remittances to the Philippines, visit the Kabayan Remit website.


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