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Top 5 Filipino Canadians

Immigrating to Canada is no walk in the park. Filipinos must contend with moving away from their loved ones, adjusting to a different culture, and dealing with culture shock. So, when we see one of us going against all odds and making headlines, we have every reason to celebrate.

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grading system in uk school

Understanding school exams in the UK – SAT’s, GCSE’s, A Levels and NSAs

Adjusting to a new country can be tough. It can be even tougher when sending your children to a new school and trying to figure out the grading system in the UK. If you’re a Filipino in the United Kingdom, figuring out the UK education system and its key stages is another challenge. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

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Understanding the UK education system

If you’re a Filipino who has recently moved to the United Kingdom, chances are you’re still figuring out the UK education system and how it will shape your child’s future. Studying in the UK will also be an adjustment for you and your child. Unlike American schools which follow the K-12 curricula, the UK education system follows a four-stage national curriculum that requires your child to stay in school until they are 16. If you live in England however, your child must stay in some form of education until they are 18. This can be any of the following:

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Young girl in american schools system

How does the American schools system work?

If your children have come along with you to the United States, then they will have to attend American schools throughout your stay in the country. But before you start buying school supplies, take note: Going to schools in America is a different experience compared to studying in the Philippines, so you will need to understand how the system works and how much time your child needs to complete their education. Luckily, we’re here to help.

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filipino american celebrities

Top 6 Filipino American Celebrities

Filipinos have long been part of the American landscape, and with names like Eva Noblezada, Olivia Rodrigo, Saweetie, and Darren Criss making rounds online, we now have people telling our stories on-screen. Filipino-Americans have even made waves in American politics, lending a voice to Filipinos in America looking for someone on their side. While there are already many listicles that have already highlighted Filipino American celebrities, we wanted to honour some more Filipinos who have found success after leaving the Philippines and starting over as citizens in the United States.

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Toronto sign

Filipino Guide to Toronto

From a humble group of Filipina nurses in the 1960s, the Filipino community in Toronto has grown to over 250,000 people, composing 62% of the entire Filipino-Canadian population. Today, Pinoys are a permanent fixture in Toronto’s cultural mosaic. They are bustling people, who help each other adjust to culture shock and manoeuvre life in their new home in The Great White North.

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