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Moving to the UK: A Guide for Filipinos

Have you ever dreamed of moving to the United Kingdom? Known for its quintessential culture and rich history, the UK is undoubtedly a dream destination for tourists and migrants. However, it's important to remember that moving to another country is not a walk in the park. There are several things to sort out before you can book that one-way flight. But don't worry, we've listed down some information that you may find useful before your big move to the beautiful country of Britain.

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Moving to the Netherlands: A Guide for Filipinos

The idea of moving to another country is always exciting, as there are a lot of new things to look forward to - new place, culture, lifestyle, language, experience and many more. Moving to the Netherlands from the Philippines isn't any different. These two countries are very different from one another, which makes relocating even more thrilling.

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Moving to Germany: A Guide for Filipinos

Do you ever consider moving overseas? Did you know that Germany is becoming a top-rated destination amongst migrants? The country now ranks 4th worldwide in the 2019 Working Abroad Index. The overall ranking was based on the participants' rating on career prospects & satisfaction, work & leisure, as well as economy & job security.

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Moving to Ireland – A Guide for Filipinos

Relocating to a new country is exciting, but it can get quite daunting. It's not any different for Filipinos planning to migrate to Europe. Ireland, for one, is becoming a popular destination for expatriates and migrants. With plenty of opportunities to offer, this country is attractive for young professionals and families looking for a new home.

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Home Schooling During Lockdown

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown, schools have been shut and students have been asked to stay at home. Despite this, students are encouraged to continue studying and learning at home. As parents, it is then your duty to support your kids’ learning. Since not all parents are familiar with home schooling, here are some tips to consider to help boost your kids’ productivity.

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How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

Following the Government’s recent directives, many employees have started working from home. Unless, of course, it is impossible for them to do so. While some employees or freelancers are already used to this kind of set up, it remains quite unusual for some. Some employees might find their days more unproductive. Others might have easily adapted to the setting and get more job done. Thus, here are 5 ideas we’ve pulled together to help you be more productive when working from home.

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