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Sending money from the United Kingdom to the Philippines made easier

Moving overseas may be the dream of some Filipinos. Thousands of Filipinos leave the country each year to live and work abroad. As Filipinos migrate, they stay connected to their loved ones by sending some of their hard-earned money back home. With the growing popularity of this practice, it’s already becoming part of the Philippine culture.

At Kabayan Remit, we understand the difficulties of remitting money to the Philippines. Transactions can incur hefty transfer costs and processing payments may be inconvenient. We wanted to fix this problem and help our kababayan in the UK, so we made money remittance easier, more affordable and hassle-free. Here’s how:

Excellent exchange rates and low transfer fees

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According to The World Bank Remittance Prices Worldwide Report, international bank transfer is still the most expensive money transfer platform. At Kabayan Remit, we know that every pence matters. We want to help send more of your money to your loved ones, rather than on excessive fees.

That is why we offer high exchange rates and low transfer fees. First transactions with us are also free. What matters most for us is helping our kababayan make the most out of every transaction.

Money credited to the beneficiary in minutes

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Nothing’s worse than waiting for your money to reach your beneficiary in days. We want to save your time through our fast and convenient process. Customers can send money anytime online through our website or mobile app. Payments may be done either through direct debit or bank transfer. Both payment methods will reach our system equally quickly, so your beneficiary can receive the payment within a few hours.

Providing safe and unrivalled service for years

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Kabayan Remit started trading in the UK in 2014 and is strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We guarantee our customers that all transactions are safe and compliant with UK laws and requirements. Our years of experience and expertise show that we are highly committed to what we do. The company’s robust and dynamic team always work hard to provide our customers with unparalleled service and seamless transactions.

Sending money back to the Philippines is now easier than ever! Visit our website and download our mobile app now to transfer money at your own convenience.


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