Send money to RCBC Philippines

How to Send Money to RCBC Philippines with Kabayan Remit

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is one of the largest private banks in the Philippines with over 480 branches nationwide (as of 2019). RCBC provides a wide range of financial services, including retail and investment banking, microfinance, leasing, foreign exchange brokerage, as well as overseas remittances. Kabayan Remit has partnered with RCBC to provide Filipinos in Europe with an even faster and more seamless remittance experience.

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Send money from uk to Metrobank Philippines

How to Send Money to Metrobank Philippines with Kabayan Remit

Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company, also known as Metrobank, is one of the largest financial institutions in the Philippines. It offers a wide range of financial services from investment banking, leasing and financing, thrift banking, bancassurance and credit cards. Metrobank also supports international funds transfers from across the world, so Kabayan Remit's partnership with them makes it easier and more convenient for Filipinos in Europe to send money to the Philippines. 

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Send Money to the Philippines Online

Send money to the Philippines from the comforts of your home in the UK! Help combat the spread of the coronavirus and protect one another by staying at home and remitting online. You can easily do so through Kabayan Remit. To begin, visit or download the FREE Kabayan Remit mobile app. Our services are available 24/7 so you can send money anytime of the day.

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The Easiest Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Living and working abroad is not always glitz and glam. It’s a great experience, but juggling busy schedules can be quite overwhelming. From working to starting a social life in the UK, to keeping in touch with family in the Philippines, it can get tiring. It’s even worse when a family emergency comes up in the Philippines and you can’t fly back right away.

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Sending Money from the United Kingdom to the Philippines Made Easier

Moving overseas and working abroad may sound like a dream for most Filipinos. Thousands of Filipinos leave the country each year in hopes of finding better opportunities in foreign countries. However, this also means that more and more Filipinos move away from their families and loved ones to be able to provide for them.

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