Illustration of a hand holding an OFW eCard

How to get an OWWA OFW eCard

An OWWA OFW eCard is a form of identification that proves an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is an active member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Using this free ID, OFWs can easily enjoy the benefits that come with being an active OWWA member. Learn how to get your OFW eCard here.

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A sign that says "How to apply for an OWWA membership"

How to apply for an OWWA membership

A Filipino automatically gains an OWWA membership when they become an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and submit their contract to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) for evaluation. However, their membership is only valid for a certain amount of time. Additionally, some OFWs find work while already abroad and must process their OWWA requirements outside the Philippines. Here's how to apply for or renew your OWWA membership.

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British Filipinos admiring Big Ben in London

British Filipinos who have found success in the UK

Approximately 200,000 British Filipinos are working in various fields in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Yet with all these Pinoys in the country, some still feel invisible in the United Kingdom’s population of 67 million. Luckily, times are changing, and more and more British Filipinos have earned acclaim for their hard work and talent. To name a few, here are the top 10 Filipinos who have been shining brightly in the UK.

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Canadian flags for filipino canadians

Top 5 Filipino Canadians

Immigrating to Canada is no walk in the park. Filipinos must contend with moving away from their loved ones, adjusting to a different culture, and dealing with culture shock. So, when we see one of us going against all odds and making headlines, we have every reason to celebrate.

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Filipino Christmas Traditions

Christmas in the Philippines – Our favourite festive traditions

Nothing spells joy and togetherness like a Filipino Christmas. The food, the colours, the music and the celebrations are unforgettable experiences shaping who we are as Filipinos. Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re there for work or life, you can still take these Christmas traditions with you and share them with the people you love.

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Filipino heroes waving American flag

5 Filipino American heroes that we admire today

Larry Itliong is one of the main heroes when it comes to Filipino American and civil rights history. Without his efforts, there would be no Delano Grape Strike, and no retirement home for the manongs (older Filipino American men), growing too old for manual labour in America. There would also be no United Farm Workers Union, founded with other Filipino heroes, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and more. But there are also many other Pinoys who have made waves in the United States, from Olympic medallists to war soldiers, here’s a list of some of our favourite Filipino heroes in America.

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