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moving to Germany

Moving to Germany: A Guide for Filipinos

Do you ever consider moving overseas? Did you know that Germany is becoming a top-rated destination amongst migrants? The country now ranks 4th worldwide in the 2019 Working Abroad Index. The overall ranking was based on the participants' rating on career prospects & satisfaction, work & leisure, as well as economy & job security.

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Moving to Ireland Flags

Moving to Ireland – A Guide for Filipinos

Relocating to a new country is exciting, but it can get quite daunting. It's not any different for Filipinos planning to migrate to Europe. Ireland, for one, is becoming a popular destination for expatriates and migrants. With plenty of opportunities to offer, this country is attractive for young professionals and families looking for a new home.

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Kabayan Remit campaign for NHS

Kabayan Remit Supports the NHS During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the first outbreak of the unprecedented COVID-19, key workers have been at the forefront of this pandemic battle. In the UK, most employees have been asked to work from home, whilst some workers from certain fields continued working in the frontline to help the community.

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German flag on pole.

5 Fun Facts About Germany

Visiting Germany? Filipinos who visit or move to Germany for the first time might feel culture shocked as the country and its culture are quite different. Every country is unique in its own way and there’s definitely more to Germany than some people think! Here are 5 fun facts about Germany.

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Girl holding up a small blackboard with colourful writing of "Home Schooling"

Home Schooling During Lockdown

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown, schools have been shut and students have been asked to stay at home. Despite this, students are encouraged to continue studying and learning at home. As parents, it is then your duty to support your kids’ learning. Since not all parents are familiar with home schooling, here are some tips to consider to help boost your kids’ productivity.

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Ribbon cutting illustration of Kabayan Remit website launch

Kabayan Remit New Website Redesign

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve finally launched our brand-new website: www.kabayanremit.com! At the beginning of the year, we shared our milestones with our valued customers and business partners. Last month, we announced our rebranding and promised to reveal our new website. Now, it’s up and running! Our brand-new website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for our customers to navigate through. Sending money to Philippines through our website is now easier than ever!

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